North American Spine Professes In The AccuraScope Procedure February 26, 2015 No Comments

So I had a major problem last year.  I was seriously suffering from back pain, and it was driving me absolutely mental, because I was thinking well I’m this young dude, why am I having so many issues?  So I decided to get things checked out, and that’s why I went to North American Spine.  Glad I did too, because as it turns out, I really needed help, and they’re one of the world leaders in spine care technology.

Back pain is something that so many people suffer from, that it’s considered an epidemic. Back pain is the leading cause for many to call out of work for the day. Back pain is also the second highest reason for hospitalizations. Many who suffer from back pain, may have it temporarily, or the pain may last for months or years. It’s not unusual for a person to go through back pain for many years or even decades. Some people have suffered with pain so long, that they get used to it, and they don’t consider getting surgery to correct it.

When it comes to back pain, some people are just too scared to go through with the surgery, because they feel there may be too many complications. Some also fear back surgery, because of the large incision that used to be needed, in order to perform the surgery. Those who do not know that things have changed in the back surgery field, may not realize that there is a minimally invasive surgery now being performed. The AccuraScope procedure is minimally invasive, and it allows a patient to receive a quick surgery, as well as fast healing time.

The AccuraScope procedure is performed at North American Spine, and it only requires a very small incision in the back, in order to insert the AccuraScope, and to determine the cause of the patient’s pain. Before anyone can receive the AccuraScope procedure, tests must be performed, as well as an MRI, in order to determine their eligibility. Many who have gone in to have the AccuraScope procedure performed, have seen incredible relief from pain, or some have had permanent pain relief. Imagine not having to go to the doctor anymore for back pain, and saving tens of thousands of dollars over the years on medication and doctor visits.

The success rates of the AccuraScope procedure is over 82%, and over 90% of the patients say that they would recommend the procedure to others. Not only does the AccuraScope procedure have a high success rate, but many have had permanent pain relief, as opposed to temporary pain relief. Those who fear back surgery, can set their minds at ease, as the AccuraScope procedure is minimally invasive, and nothing like the back surgeries from the past. Many find it hard to believe that they will no longer have pain, after receiving the AccuraScope procedure, but it is very possible for anyone to become pain free, and North American Spine remains committed to that pain free life.

Cocaine-Snorting Oscar Statue Appears on Hollywood Boulvard February 23, 2015 No Comments

A giant statue of an Oscar snorting a tremendous line of cocaine has appeared on Hollywood Boulevard. The statue is the creation of an artists that goes by the name Plastic Jesus. It originally appeared on Hollywood Boulevard on February 19th, just as the festivities for the Oscars started to get underway in the city.

Certainly eye catching, the artist claims he created the piece in order to stir conversation about drug abuse, which is prevalent on Hollywood but rarely discussed. He and Imaging advantage says that he picked the Oscars for the display because you often hear about celebrities who have drug problems and end up in rehab, but you rarely hear people talking about other crew member such as writers and producers who are facing the same issues.

Last year Plastic Jesus created a similar controversial piece, a replica of the Oscar statue with a heroin needly in its arm. The statue was placed in public view shortly after the alleged heroin overdose of actor Phillip Seymour Hoffman and was quickly removed.

Bruce Levenson Giving To University of Maryland No Comments

Bruce Levenson has given seed money to make the most unique donation in the history of university education. The business school at the University of Maryland has been reported by PR Newswire to have taken this donation to start a center for research into nonprofits and philanthropy. The philanthropy education that these students get is going to go far beyond giving away old money. This center is going to change the way its students look at giving back.

These students are going to learn how they can work philanthropy into their business plans, and they will be shown how they can change the world while they make their money. This is important distinction, and it is a distinction that must be taught in schools so that this new generation can give back.

The nonprofit students are going to learn how to manage nonprofit companies, but they are also going to learn how hard it is to run one of these companies. They will give more of their money away, but they will give it away in the most efficient way possible. Bruce believes that taught philanthropy is going to do more good than rich people tossing their money around.

NCAA Football Conference Expansion, Again February 20, 2015 No Comments

Just when things seemed to settle down from the tumultuous past few years of the juggling of teams among the nation’s football conference, now this.

Where past approaches were fixated on slow courtships and behind the doors backroom politics, the new fad seems to be guns out blazing. Especially when it comes to the namesake team belonging to the fourth largest city in the United States.

The chairman of Houston’s Board of Regents is furious. He is so furious he is even suggesting to the city legislature that they pull funding for Texas schools unless the mighty Big 12 invites them into their conference brotherhood.

The ravagings of past realignments saw the Big East swallowed up and dispersed by the Atlantic Coast Conference and saw the Big 10 and Pac-12 break off Nebraska and Colorado (respectively) from the Big 12. This left the Big 12 at only 10 teams and without a conference championship – something many thing left them out of the first inaugural college football playoff of 2015.

Houston is left wondering why the Big 12 doesn’t fill the void, especially with the potential they have to offer.

Tilman Fertitta, the chairman, isn’t pulling any punches suggesting that they legislature openly apply pressure the the Presidents of the Big 12 universities. Laying down the gauntlet, Fertitta had this to say: “Be a big boy, step up and put this school that has almost 50,000 students and is so high profile, has so many of the top schools in the U.S., it’s a tier one university — we belong in the Big 12. We’re a big, major school with an unbelievable history in athletics and academia.”

Mr. Fertitta may have a point. Ricardo Guimarães BMG said the question is whether the Big 12 will listen to bravado rather than backroom politics.

Student Loan Debt Crippling Adults February 19, 2015 No Comments

Many people believe that education should be a privilege instead of a right, but the reality is that most people can’t afford even a basic standard of living unless they have a college degree. Worse yet, a four-year degree is now often not enough.

Although adults are paying off debt more than ever, many people still struggle to meet their student loan obligations. Some people put their student loans on hold while paying off more pressing debts or stop paying because their rates increased. Some have suffered severe medical issues and can’t list their student loans in a bankruptcy. In fact, the only way in the U.S. a student obligation can be waived when the adult has a health issue is when the person becomes permanently disabled or dies.

Some people argue that teens shouldn’t get loans unless they can repay them — ignoring that high school counselors and colleges administrators push student loans at low-income and middle class teens. Additionally, these people fail to realize that many adults didn’t have the Internet when they received their loans.

What is this Internet advantage?

The Internet gives everyone access to free college-level courses from prestigious schools from around the world, some with interaction from Twitter according to Ray Lane. Some schools are also declaring now that college educations should be as free as public school for children and teens because having a college education is usually the best way to get a decent job.

That Was Classy February 17, 2015 No Comments

When North Carolina beat Duke in their annual football game, the winner was able to spray paint the victory bell. This is an annual tradition, and it is one that these schools take pride in. However, football players at North Carolina took the painting too far. They caused over $25,000 in damage, and they showed why all these traditions need to be stopped.

These traditions are chances for people to disrespect schools they do not like for no reason other than athletics. The hate in college sports that has no merit in reality has to end. At least Michigan actually tried to steal land from Ohio, and they hate each other. That makes sense. It is the same reason the French and Germans do not trust each other.

Bruce Karatz points out that there are many schools that deface property on other campuses because it is part of a traditiona, but Gustav Mahler said that tradition is but slovenliness. We need to remember this when we still have college kids spray painting another school’s campus. These kids need to learn a little class, and their coaches need to stop them from doing these things. College is not about this sort of ridiculous and juvenile behavior.

Dr. Rod Rohrich and His Focus on Leadership and Training February 5, 2015 No Comments

When I got my plastic surgery the year before I started at San Diego State I decided I needed to do research on finding the best person for the job.

Dr. Rod Rohrich has many accolades to his name in the field of plastic surgery. He has single-handedly changed the way people see plastic surgery and has made many strides, not just as a professional, but as a visionary of his field. All this has been achieved because of his strong belief in cultivating trained and qualified surgeons of tomorrow. Dr. Rod Rohrich’s motto has always been towards the betterment of the plastic surgery industry as a whole and this is the main reason why he has been a strong mentor to his fellow surgeons.

• Sharing Knowledge – There are many great names in any industry but what sets an industry apart from others is its quest for knowledge and improvement. The plastic surgery scene of the world would be quite different if it wasn’t for Dr. Rod Rohrich single minded dedication towards training and knowledge sharing in his field. He believes that fellow plastic surgeons must possess great leadership skills apart from professional skills in order to succeed. This approach has not only led to a brilliant team of surgeons in this era and the next but also, dedicated professionals who care about sharing knowledge as much as Dr. Rod Rohrich himself.

• Patient Safety – Dr. Rod Rohrich firmly believes that every patient is unique and so are their requirements. He strongly supports the elimination of ‘one size fits all’ approach when it comes to plastic surgery and his focus is always on patient safety. The field of plastic surgery is full of risks, as any medical specialty, but thanks to Dr. Rod Rohrich’s staunch focus on patient safety, this risk has been controlled in the plastic surgery profession. He emphasizes that his residents must evaluate all their patients on a case by case basis and then make their decisions regarding their well-being. As always, the outcomes have been much better this way.

• Global Education – Dr. Rod Rohrich has not just influenced his peers in his own nation but has spoken at various global scale seminars to dispense knowledge. His presentations have made him a better professional and have also helped surgeons all over the world to emulate his leadership techniques and training standards.

Dr. Rod Rohrich’s contribution to plastic surgery has been outstanding professionally but one of his little recognized achievements include his gift of knowledge. A lot of surgeons are better at their job because of his teachings and education.

College Kids Cut Costs With FreedomPop January 27, 2015 No Comments

Enjoy Free Phone And Wifi With FreedomPop

College kids are broke: this is no surprise. We also LOVE our internet and phones. While some phone providers may give a great deal on a phone, only to still charge high monthly rates for cell phone usage. Sometimes the usage of certain features on the cell phones, are not even provided in the contract that a customer may sign. Many college students are turning away from expensive phone companies and turning to FreedomPop. FreedomPop gives free cell phone, Wi-Fi, and internet services to their users, and overall, it costs very little, or nothing at all.

FreedomPop realized the need for a low cost cell phone service provider, as well as low-cost Wi-Fi and internet services. Internet in itself can be extremely expensive, even if one is only connected through Wi-Fi. FreedomPop allows a person to switch their phone over to the company, and receive a set amount of minutes per month for free. One can send text messages, and make phone calls up to the limit of the free usage. It only costs a few dollars more per month, if the user decides to extend the minutes, or text messages on the phone.

If a user does not already have a phone of their own, FreedomPop also sells the most popular phones out there today. Choose from many different phones that are available, and it can easily be connected to the FreedomPop services. FreedomPop services run through Sprint and Clearwire, offering internet, as well as phone services to its users. The cell phones purchased are brand-new, not used, and connect directly to the phone services. For those who need internet services, Wi-Fi is available, as well as unlimited internet services. For a small monthly fee, one can obtain unlimited internet services.

FreedomPop is now offering Wi-Fi hookup in hotspots for only five dollars a month, allowing one to be on the road, and immediately connect to Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi is extremely important to those who need internet on the go, especially if they don’t want to use their data plans. Many are tired of overpaying the big phone companies for the use of internet, phone, and Wi-Fi services, so they’ve switched over to FreedomPop. With all the services that FreedomPop has to offer, it’s easy to save money each month on the services that are used. For only a few dollars a month, a customer can receive phone, internet, and Wi-Fi.

If you’re interested in FreedomPop, take a look at these Amazon reviews or read about it on the iTunes store or Google Play.

A Sustainable Mission with Academic Groundwork January 16, 2015 No Comments

Currently serving as the president of Occidental College, Jonathan Veitch possesses an educational background of considerable stature. Receiving his doctoral degree from Harvard University, Veitch studied the History of American Civilization. Prior to concentrating his studies in this area, he attended Stanford University where he received his bachelor’s degree. Jonathan Veitch spend a great deal of time in academic institutions before succeeding Robert Skotheim as the sitting President of Occidental College. He served as a professor at the University of Wisconsin before moving on to serve as the dean of Eugene Lang College.

In addition to his academic career, Jonathan Veitch has made literary contributions to the academic world as well. He is author of the well-received book entitled “American Superrealism: Nathanael West and the Politics of Representation in the 1930’s.” Since becoming president of Occidental College in July of 2009, Veitch has made steady efforts towards improving the relationship that exists between the institution and the surrounding community. He has pursued this goal with policies that include limiting the expansion of the college into community locales due to the concerns of valued citizens and neighborhood cohesion.

While heading the college, Veitch has also made considerable advances in increasing the sustainability and green initiatives of the institution. During 2013, he unveiled a solar array on the campus that is capable of collecting one megawatt of solar energy regularly. This installment is now responsible for supplying the energy needed for a considerable portion of the campus’s demands. The campus itself is located in Los Angeles, California, making Veitch the very first native of the city to take the helm at this institution of higher learning. He has also had time for valuable family pursuits while bolstering his academic and administrative career. Jonathan Veitch is married with three children.

Veitch spends a considerable amount of time in the eye of the public as well. He has given several public interviews that address everything from his standing in the local community to the rationale behind his administrative policies. He has openly discussed his future plans for the one of the nation’s leading liberal arts colleges. His goals include a heavy emphasis on environmental concerns for the community as well as the college. In 2010, he hosted a public forum in which Los Angeles activists were welcomed to share ideas with city officials concerning the changes that should be made concerning the local environment and the use of city resources.

Why Can’t Fans Love You When You Are Down January 6, 2015 No Comments

According to posts seen on Skout, the team for Florida State returned home to find their cars keyed and tires slashed. Of course, it was the work of disgruntled fans. This type of behavior has begun to have its own niche in the news every day. At first we read about the little league parent who thought their child didn’t get enough play time and screamed at the coach – to the high school grandstand with parents literally fighting over whose child is the best player. But this goes waaay over the line. Yes, I spelled way incorrectly on purpose.

This trend is not only disturbing but makes a person want to stay away from getting involved with their favorite sports team – college or professional. After reading a report at by Nick Bromberg also known as Dr. Saturday, about what some Florida State players were tweeting regarding their personal property it made me sad.

We all know the Dolphins have not seen their glory days since, well the Bob Griese, Larry Csonka, Jim Kick and Mercury Morris days, but you won’t find me out slashing tires and keying cars.