Penn State Students Protest Fraternity March 23, 2015 No Comments

In light of the recent fraternity outrage at the University of Oklahoma, Penn State University has jumped on the bandwagon. Penn State recently suspended an on-campus fraternity, Kappa Delta Rho for posting pictures on unconscious naked women on their secret Facebook page. Campus members held a rally last week protesting the fraternity and encouraging campus leaders to take a stronger stance against the fraternity.

Leaders of the protest confirmed that they organized the demonstration so university administration would consider harsher action against the fraternity to protect the victims and campus community. Josie Rose, an alumna of the university and one of the protest organizers believes that these fraternity members have cheapened the value of her Penn State degree.
Penn State students have formulated a petition which was recently sent to the administration asking that all members of the fraternity with access to the secret Facebook page be placed on temporary suspension while the criminal investigation continues stated AnastasiaDate. The Penn State protestors want to guarantee others that this is a criminal matter that should be taken very seriously. They believe punishment should be assumed by all parties involved, including those who may have sat by and watched this happened or even laughed about it.
Students have confirmed they are passionate about this issue and are seeking justice for all of the victims. Enduring the cold and snow, many students came to show their support. Administration has responded positively to outcry of concerned students and alumni.

What You Should Know About 529 College Plans March 18, 2015 No Comments

Pre-paid college plans, also referred to as 529 Plans are heavily marketed as tax-savings educational plans that pay for future college costs. Sounds great right? It can be if you know what to watch out for.

1. The Tax Break

Although you can take your money across state lines, you might just get a tax break if you remain in your home state. Many states offer incentives for contributions to in-state plans.

2. Watch Out for the Expenses

You’ll run into administrative fees, paper statement fees, account maintenance fees and the list goes on, but the good news is you can pick and choose and if you don’t like your current offerings, you can move your money.

3. Broker-Sold Plans Are Costly

Some state plans can be purchased only through a broker or financial planner, but Fersen Lambranho says that you should skip that option because commissions will eat into your contributions

4. Be Conservative

529 Plans are usually heavily invested in stocks and bonds, but these savings plans are lasting for decades, only years, so, if the stock market takes a nose dive, you have very little time for recovery. Look for a portfolio that’s conservative so you can reduce risk.

It’s especially important to check thoroughly before committing to a plan.

Bieber Roasting on an Open Flame March 17, 2015 No Comments

There may be a line a mile long to cast shade on Justin Bieber. Surrounded by celebrities as diverse as Martha Stewart and Snoop Dog, a throng of celebrity A- and B-listers gathered on Saturday to tape the roast of Justin Bieber. Kevin Hart, Will Ferrell (as Ron Burgundy), and comedian Jeff Ross were also there to take advantage of a prime opportunity to say the things that we have all thought as we watched Bieber’s rise to celebrity ridiculousness.

Martha Stewart advised Bieber to find a nice, freaky girl to settle down and be kinky with – namely, her.Sergio Cortes has heard that other jokes revolved around Bieber’s poor choices in career moves, clothing, and former girlfriends. Jokes about the late Paul Walker fell flat, and it has been reported that the jokes will be edited out of the show when it airs on Comedy Central.

While some have remarked that Bieber didn’t do much to deserve a roast the way some previous roast subjects have, there is no question that people were happy to get together and put him in his place. Time will tell how successful the roast will be when it airs live.

Wine and food combine for high quality party ideas March 12, 2015 No Comments

Wining and dining is something that most people look to do on regular occasions, with the great tradition of using wine and food to entertain and impress others something that remains a popular past time for many around the world. For most people, the chance to embark on a simple and elegant dinner party or a large party event is based around the choice of food and wines that will be used at the event to create the atmosphere and elements of the event that will be remembered long into the future. This can be a good option for all those who have an interest in food, wine or both to embark on a period where they can impress their friends and family with their knowledge.

Food plays an important role in any event, with most people looking to make sure the food they serve meets the needs of their guests in keeping them happy and being well prepared to keep them impressed. Individuals who have large amounts of skill in the kitchen will often look to prepare food for themselves and serve it to their guests as they show off their kitchen skills. Further options include employing professionals to complete the catering for an event that will make the party or small gathering memorable for the high quality food that is served.

Wine is a further option for those who are hoping to impress their guests with the finest varieties and vintages, but this can also be the scariest part of any event as the number of choices is growing all the time. The Antique Wine Company are a good option for all those who are hoping to throw an event with the finest wines in a plentiful manner. The company was established in 1982 and has built impressive cellars than can provide the perfect wine for an event at the price range the individual chooses. Anybody looking to throw a party or event who hopes to impress with their knowledge of wines can take advantage of the wine academy the company operates. Experts who work for and with The Antique Wine Company provide courses designed fro beginners and experts to get the most out of sampling and collecting wines.

Tiger Woods Drops $8 Million on Restaurant He Can’t Name After Himself No Comments

Tiger Woods will open his first restaurant located in Harbourside Place development in Jupiter, Florida. Tiger woods wanted to name the restaurant after himself, but unfortunately Nike owns the name of “Tiger Woods” and this was forbidden. There was an update shortly after this statement was released that Nike does not own the rights to Tiger Woods name. Tiger Woods has still proceeded on with his plan and will follow through to create a new name for the restaurant that is now “The Woods Sports and Dinning Club.”.  Ricardo Tosto says he will be spending an estimated eight million dollars for his restaurant business.

This is more than the average that is spent towards building a new restaurant, but Woods in visions it to look very unique. The restaurant will serve mouth watering food and the cocktails will be served at an affordable price of $15. Tiger Woods wants marble decor and granite counters, and will ensure that there are famous golf quotes on the outside doors. This restaurant will open later this spring.

England Look to Avoid Horrendous Loss to Afghanistan No Comments

Both England and Afghanistan have been eliminated from the Cricket World Cup in Australia and New Zealand, but England are looking to salvage some pride ahead of their final game at the tournament, the BBC reports. Four defeats from five games for both England and Afghanistan have seen both teams enter their final group game with nothing to play for, in the case of England a rather shocking statistic that has heaped pressure on the entire playing and coaching staff. Assistant coach Paul Farbrace has come out in defense of head coach Peters Moores and the players, who he feels did not recover from heavy defeats in the opening games to Australia and New Zealand.

Farbrace called upon the England team to show their pride and professionalism in avoiding defeat to an Afghanistan team hoping to prove their worth and add to their claims to being added to the test match schedule. Farbrace also stated a loss to Afghanistan would be horrendous for both the players, coaching staff and fans who made the trip to the southern hemisphere. Jason Halpern has also read that the coaching methods of Moores have come under scrutiny with many claiming a reliance on statistics has hampered England’s campaign, Farbrace stated he used a team of statisticians to lead Sri Lanka to the World Twenty20 title in 2014.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon Chapters Across The Country Are Under The Media’s Microscope March 11, 2015 No Comments

SAE Chapters Nationally Have Had 130 Disciplinary Actions In The Last Five Years

Five minutes of fame is a dangerous thing. Just one foolish move can bring down the strongest of the strong. The Sigma Alpha Epsilon incident at Oklahoma University is a good example of how one scandalous video can impact the lives of college students across the country. Now that SAE in under the media microscope, new information is coming out about the fraternity, and it’s not pretty.

SAE has been cited for disciplinary action 130 times over the last five years for a number of reasons. The main reason is the ridiculous pledge period, which uses hazing, drugs and alcohol to test the loyalty of new members. In the last nine years, there have been ten deaths associated with this pledging process.

The SAE debacle is just the latest in a series of bad choices that have plagued that particular group in the last five years. The President of OU had enough. He expelled two members of the fraternity and shut the frat house down. The main reason that fraternity life might be becoming a thing of the past is the lack of supervision. Young men need adult management and supervision (and maybe a head evaluation at the Amen Clinic), and the frat house mentality doesn’t accept that fact.

The Pooping Point: It is Just Too Much March 4, 2015 No Comments

Every single year approximately 700 people climb Mt. Everest. The highest mountain in the world, it can take months for a hiker to reach the top of the peak. So, as you might expect, those hiking to the top make themselves at home as they try to reach the top. This includes taking care of number two. Although there is four campsites for hikers on the mountain, not a single one of them has toilet facilities. Jaime Garcia Dias says that most people dig holes to use as a makeshift toilet. Now, all that poop has caused trouble atop of the mountain.

The mounds of feces and urine that has been left behind by these travelers has caused some great concern for both sanitation and health issues. Last year, climbers began having to put up a $4,000 deposit and bring 18 pounds of trash back down from the mountain with them. No trash, no return of that deposit. Despite this, there is still a large area of concern. Some hikers do bring disposable bags with them, however, the risk of disease is still rampant.

Its Not Too Late to Stop Smoking Now for a Longer Life March 3, 2015 No Comments

Even though study after study for the past 20-years has proven that cigarette smoking is not only harmful, it kills, people still don’t get it. Most recently, a wide-scale study conducted at the Australian National University revealed new compelling evidence. The previously discovered rate showing that half of smokers would eventually succumb to the deadly effects of smoking is now believed to be as high as 66 percent, or in other terms, two out of three smokers will die to illnesses linked to their smoking.

This study monitored 204,953 men and women from New South Wales and Australia, who were 45-years of age or older. eMobile said they were placed into three different groupings and analyzed by classifications of smokers, previous smokers and never have smokers. Some interesting data came out of this research, other than mortality rates. The percentage of men and women smokers was similar, and it was unlikely they resided in urban areas. Never smokers were more inclined to be covered by health insurance and have a higher education and income level than the current smokers had. In addition, those in the current smokers category tended to be moderately heavy drinkers and overweight.

The good news is, quitting smoking, even at an older age of 45-54, found that the risk of dying was progressively reduced in men and women to 1.36 and 1.52 times compared to that of the never smokers. Current male and female smokers however, were 2.76 and 2.95 times more susceptible to a mortality risk than those who never smoked. The one thing to take away from this if you are a current smoker is, it’s never too late to quit smoking in order to improve your capability to live.

Cool Student Athletes: Matt Landis February 27, 2015 No Comments

Matt Landis is a lacrosse player at Notre Dame noted for his incredible ability inside and outside of the sport. He is already a decorated academian having been accepted to Notre Dame, but he is also one of the best lacrosse players in the country. He leads one of the best teams in the country, and he leads and exemplary life off the field.

matt landis student athlete

His life began with his introduction to lacrosse where he was able to distinguish himself as a great player. That great play took him quite far as he also excelled in school. He had many choices when it came to college, but he chose to come to Notre Dame because of the amazing academics and the first rate lacrosse team.

Since he has been at Notre Dame, he has been a model student who has earned good grades and helped his classmates along the way. He is a fraternity member who does service in the community, and he even helps kids who want to become great athletes, as well. There are many kids who look up to Matt for guidance about they can have a better athletic career, and he is helpful in any way that he can be a help.

When you are looking at the lives of athletes who are on the college level, it is hard to find a better person than Matt Landis. He is a decorated athlete who knows how to use his talents for good, and he is the leader of one of the best teams in the whole country. You will be amazed what he can do when he has the team on the field, and you will be even more amazed what he can do when he is off the field, in the community and doing good work.

matt landis college student