Fraternities Suspended November 25, 2014 No Comments

There are some fraternities across the United States that do good works, and there are some that have students who probably shouldn’t be allowed to join. Tensions are high at UVA as students are upset over some of the fraternities being suspended. These suspensions have taken place because of gang rape allegations. This is something that is seen in fraternities across the country. It’s sad that this kind of allegation is seen, especially on a college campus where students who are supposed to be getting an education to further their career or begin their career.

Many of the students have sat outside to demonstrate their concerns while others are wondering if they should wear their letters, according to Christian Broda. No one is really taking this seriously except for those in administration. It might make a difference on campus if the students aren’t able to participate in some of the fraternity activities so that they can learn lessons of respect and how to grow up before entering the real world.

Watch Your Want Ads November 24, 2014 No Comments

Seems a New York restaurant did not proofread when they placed an ad for help. Sistina has been charged with a $5000 fine for posting a help wanted ad for a hostess/coat clerk. Unfortunately, a hostess refers only to a female which raised a few eyebrows and in turn the owners were slapped with this fine. The Italian restaurant, which Zeca Oliveira says is situated on the Upper East Side claims it was simply an oversight and did not intend to only want a female to fill this position. The owners of this fine dining establishment are fighting to not pay this fine and stands strong behind their words that it was an unintentional error and it makes no difference whether the appropriate person to fill the position is a male or female. Sadly this sounds like a case of people having too much time on their hands and maybe making trouble when there is none. Any thoughts?

Hate Crimes: Out of Control November 21, 2014 No Comments

A disturbing thought that troubles in the back of the mind is the fear of difference and the fear of the unknown. It is troubling when these fears and lack of understanding leads to attempts to scare or force others back into the normal or “acceptable” ways of our society. Sometimes this fear and malice toward differences leads to murder. Hate crimes are a growing problem in our country that has been getting worse over the years. People murder each other for the color of their skin, their religion, their sexual preferences, and, perhaps the most disturbing, for being “wrong” because they are simply different.

There is one among many reoccurring pattern of hate crimes that seems to go unnoticed by a majority of the united states. Brad Reifler reports there have been countless cases of people murdering transgender women. Recently Ohio has had a frightening pattern of hate crimes as Tiffany Edwards became the fourth transgender murder victim over the last twenty months alone. Here you can see her and her killer.

That is only the count for the victims in Ohio. More disturbing is the fact that Tiffany was one of twelve transgender women to fall victim to hate crimes across the United States in the last year alone. Some people think that men have a phobia of transgender women because they fear they might find them attractive or get romantically involved with them without knowing that they are transgender. It is fear that is our enemy, it is ignorance that is our crutch, and it is hate that will be our downfall.

Alabama Fraternity Builds Tiny Homes for Homeless Veterans November 20, 2014 No Comments

Members of the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity at the University of Huntsville Alabama, have started a foundation that’s goal is to help homeless veterans. Foundation for Tomorrow, was dreamed up by current members who were intrigued by the “tiny house” movement. They see the tiny houses as a potential solution for the homeless and struggling veterans that are all too common in areas like Huntsville.

The fraternity believes about 30 tiny houses can be fit onto a single acre of land, and they’ve located a few locations throughout Huntsville that would be suitable properties. Together with volunteers, students and the future residents, they will be building the tiny homes and placing them on the plots. The homes will be free to homeless veterans while they get back on their feet.

It takes about $5,000 to build each house, and the fraternity has launched a crowd funding initiative to cover the costs. Solar panels are being donated by The Alabama Center for Sustainable Living. This is a great move according to Marc. Energy will be free as well, and the tiny homes will include a kitchen, a living space and a sleeping loft.

The fraternity brothers were inspired by several community initiatives around the country. Washington, New York, Wisconsin and Texas all have begun building tiny home communities for the homeless. The fraternity has currently raised $6,500 towards a $10,000 goal on their CrowdRise page. They are also holding local fundraisers for the cause.

Shooting at Florida State University Leaves Three Injured No Comments

Very early Thursday morning, the Tallahassee Police Department received an emergency call from Florida State University, alerting them to an active shooter who had entered the Stozier Library on campus. The shooter managed to injure three people before being confronted by police on the library steps where he was asked to drop his weapon. After refusing and opening fire on police officers, the shooter was subsequently taken down by police fire and killed.

Two of the injured were sent to Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare, but their names have not yet been released. One of the injured is reported to be in stable condition, and the other in critical condition. The identity of the shooter has also not yet been confirmed. FSU issued a “dangerous incident” alert at the time of the shooting, and locked down its buildings, including the dormitories, but the area is currently considered secured.

Students on and near the scene quickly took to social media to alert the public about the situation and express their reactions, including photographs of barricaded doorways and abandoned study materials in the library. University police estimate that there were between 300-400 students studying in the library at the time the shooter entered the building according to numbers provided by Jared Haftel. While the entire ordeal was handled swiftly by Tallahassee police in a matter of minutes, the unexpected late-night shooting has certainly rattled the FSU campus community.

Phi Kappa Psi Lends A Helping Hand November 19, 2014 No Comments

Just when it seemed that all hope was lost in humanity, a group of caring fraternity brothers have shown us that there are still people in the world who will do for others without asking for anything in return.

In Hunstville, Alabama, the fraterity brothers of Phi Kappa Psi are giving of themselves and helping to build thirty homes for the homeless, most of them being veterans. The homes are about 500 square feet and will be powered by solar power, which is provided by Alabama Center for Sustainable Energy.

This is a major feat as it will reportedly cost about $5,000 dollars to build just one of these homes. To raise the needed money, these fabulous frat brothers are hosting charity events such as car washing to raise the money needed to start helping those that risked their lives for their country, but now need a helping hand. Big thanks to my dude Ken Griffin for sending in this story.

Toilet Turmoil November 18, 2014 No Comments

We’ve heard of thefts time and time again, but these thieves are going after something not too common in the theft industry. Ronald McDonald is not happy right now. No one in Detroit thought it’d come to this. Stealing metal isn’t new in Detroit but stealing toilets at local McDonald’s? Now that’s absurd! To ward off these scrappers, the McDonalds on Mack Avenue have started protecting these fixtures by placing wooden boxes on and around them. Burger King has even had to start locking their urinals, Dave and Brit Morin told me from the last time they visited one. What will be stolen next? Pretty soon we won’t “have it our way” with the bathrooms no longer in existence. These scrappers have stolen everything in the city including light fixtures from outside, to peoples air conditioners from outside their apartments. What more can we lock up in this city and when will this end, and to what extreme?

Man and Woman Nearly Smother Themselves at Golen Corral November 16, 2014 No Comments

An Atlanta newspaper has recently reported that a couple was arrested at a Georgia Golden Corral buffet for sleeping in the middle of the restaurant- face down on their plates. We could not confirm what was the charge, but the woman was held in custody longer than the man due to her possession of a controlled substance. It may be, if we can speculate and connect the dots, that some drug they had taken along with their meal had induced heavy sleep.

The initial arrest, however, concerned not drug possession but inappropriately using a plate as a pillow in a public place. The police who awoke the man later posted on Facebook that they had saved his life by preventing him from inhaling his food and choking to death. Ah, now I see what the charge was- attempted suicide!

We are not sure if it was drug overdose or massive over-eating that led to the couple falling into a food coma, but it does give one pause about frequenting buffets without exercising strict dietary limitations. One should not therefore go to a buffet where tasty, irresistible food is served but instead should attempt to find the worst buffet in town so that overeating, food coma, and subsequent arrest can all be avoided.

Especially watch out for the turkey since we all know from our Thanksgiving experiences how quickly a food coma can occur after a long stint at indulging in that particular variety of poultry. Shout out to friend of The Carrot Sultan Alhokair for sending in this hilarious story!

All Frats and Sororities Suspended at West Virginia University November 15, 2014 No Comments

In a move that is sure to put a cramp on the partying lifestyle of West Virginia’s students, the university decided to suspend all frats and sororities for the time being. Frats and sororities around the country have been under fire for so many different reasons in the past couple of years that a complete suspension of the activities, honestly, might not be far off. West Virginia decided to call it quits after a young man, Nolan Michael Burch, was found unconscious and not breathing inside of the Kappa Sigma fraternity house. He was resuscitated and sent to the ICU of the Ruby Memorial Hospital. He later passed away.

But Igor Cornelsen tells me that this isn’t the first black eye on West Virginia’s Greek fraternity lifestyle. According to News Vine, there was also a big issue earlier this year when a street brawl occurred at almost 2AM between a group of intoxicated, underage, pledges. These pledges belonged to Sigma Chi and were involved with a fight against ‘rival pledges’. The kids gave false testimony to the police officers on duty and now could face obstruction of justice charges.

West Virginia’s Dean, Corey Farris, claims that the frat/sorority activities will only be halted for the duration of the investigation. Ferris claimed that safety was paramount at his school and that it should remain a priority. It remains to be seen what exactly can be learned that would clear the frat from any wrongdoing, especially given the school’s troubles in recent weeks.

Fight Breaks Out Over Pizza Sauce November 14, 2014 No Comments

Fights can break out for any reason at all, but it is a rare occurrence indeed when anything more than a light ribbing breaks out due to pizza delivery.

This kind of incident actually happened in Michigan when a customer came asking for the pizza they had ostensibly actually ordered and asked for. It was a white sauce pie ordered, but what the pizza centre manager served was a pie that was more lightly sauced.

When the customer consulted the pizza employees about the error, they brushed off the customer and refused to resolve the matter. They also added they are not particularly worried about the customer’s concerns.

Upon hearing this, the customer asked the manager for their supervisor’s name and contact number. For this, the manager responded to the customer in a way that made the customer freak out.

They responded by saying that the name of the supervisor was ‘Go F*** Yourself’. It was at that particular point where it got heated.

After these incidents, news of the fracas hit the headlines of almost all of the local news sites. This has garnered comments from Dominos employees, as the customers are actually the real boss in this kind of businesses. He also adds that there are a number of instances where they have shown some courtesy in their behavior to the customers.

Big thanks to friend of College Carrot Alexei Beltyukov for sending in this hilarious story!