A Sustainable Mission with Academic Groundwork January 16, 2015 No Comments

Currently serving as the president of Occidental College, Jonathan Veitch possesses an educational background of considerable stature. Receiving his doctoral degree from Harvard University, Veitch studied the History of American Civilization. Prior to concentrating his studies in this area, he attended Stanford University where he received his bachelor’s degree. Jonathan Veitch spend a great deal of time in academic institutions before succeeding Robert Skotheim as the sitting President of Occidental College. He served as a professor at the University of Wisconsin before moving on to serve as the dean of Eugene Lang College.

In addition to his academic career, Jonathan Veitch has made literary contributions to the academic world as well. He is author of the well-received book entitled “American Superrealism: Nathanael West and the Politics of Representation in the 1930’s.” Since becoming president of Occidental College in July of 2009, Veitch has made steady efforts towards improving the relationship that exists between the institution and the surrounding community. He has pursued this goal with policies that include limiting the expansion of the college into community locales due to the concerns of valued citizens and neighborhood cohesion.

While heading the college, Veitch has also made considerable advances in increasing the sustainability and green initiatives of the institution. During 2013, he unveiled a solar array on the campus that is capable of collecting one megawatt of solar energy regularly. This installment is now responsible for supplying the energy needed for a considerable portion of the campus’s demands. The campus itself is located in Los Angeles, California, making Veitch the very first native of the city to take the helm at this institution of higher learning. He has also had time for valuable family pursuits while bolstering his academic and administrative career. Jonathan Veitch is married with three children.

Veitch spends a considerable amount of time in the eye of the public as well. He has given several public interviews that address everything from his standing in the local community to the rationale behind his administrative policies. He has openly discussed his future plans for the one of the nation’s leading liberal arts colleges. His goals include a heavy emphasis on environmental concerns for the community as well as the college. In 2010, he hosted a public forum in which Los Angeles activists were welcomed to share ideas with city officials concerning the changes that should be made concerning the local environment and the use of city resources.

Why Can’t Fans Love You When You Are Down January 6, 2015 No Comments

According to posts seen on Skout, the team for Florida State returned home to find their cars keyed and tires slashed. Of course, it was the work of disgruntled fans. This type of behavior has begun to have its own niche in the news every day. At first we read about the little league parent who thought their child didn’t get enough play time and screamed at the coach – to the high school grandstand with parents literally fighting over whose child is the best player. But this goes waaay over the line. Yes, I spelled way incorrectly on purpose.

This trend is not only disturbing but makes a person want to stay away from getting involved with their favorite sports team – college or professional. After reading a report at sports.yahoo.com by Nick Bromberg also known as Dr. Saturday, about what some Florida State players were tweeting regarding their personal property it made me sad.

We all know the Dolphins have not seen their glory days since, well the Bob Griese, Larry Csonka, Jim Kick and Mercury Morris days, but you won’t find me out slashing tires and keying cars.

Jilted Bride Takes Unexpected Photos With Her Dress December 31, 2014 No Comments

Planning a wedding can be a stressful time but it is also a time for celebration, especially for the happy couple who will be starting their life together as one. Unfortunately that didn’t happen for one bride who was due to be married November 1st of this year, 23 year old Shelby Swink. After dating her fiance since 2011 and being engaged for 6 months, he broke off the wedding a week before the date. A week! Poor Shelby had to break the news to her friends and family that the wedding was off. What Shelby did next was just awesome.

Instead of wallowing in self-pity Shelby took another direction. Taking lead from her wedding photographer they decided to have a “trash the dress” party and photo shoot on the day that was supposed to be her wedding, and Christian Broda loved the idea. Shelby’s bridesmaids and parents gathered together with everyone dressed as if they were attending the wedding. Shelby and her guests then proceeded to have a paint war- squirting paint on each other, rubbing it in, and having an amazing time doing it. Shelby, her friends, parents, and photographer made what could have been a heartbreaking day for Shelby something fun, positive, and full of happy memories.

The photo shoot from that day is beautiful. Buzzfeed.com has the series of photographs available on their site. It is definitely worth scrolling through. And good luck to Shelby as she moves on with her life!

Play Doh Deletes Comments on Facebook Regarding Phallic Playset Sold Over the Holidays December 30, 2014 No Comments


The social media managers for Play-Doh have had their hands full since the holiday season. According to Vijay Eswaran and to some consumers, they’ve been hard at work deleting comments regarding phallic toys the company produced for the 2014 holiday season.

The set that parents and consumers are referring to is the Play-Doh Sweet Shop Cake Mountain. The bake shoppe themed set comes with an icing applicator. The applicator allows kids to place Play-Doh into the applicator and “ice” the sweets they’ve created on the mountain. There is one problem though; the applicator looks suspiciously like a penis.

Play-Doh has remained mum about the issue, but Facebook moderators have been quickly deleting postings and pictures uploaded to their Facebook page by users. All comments that have been deleted have referenced he phallic applicator.

Many of the comments were in good fun, while other comments were speckled with outrage. Both types of comments were removed by the company. All pictures referencing the company in regards to the play set have also been removed, and Play-Doh has been hard at work removing tags, as well.

Play-Doh’s lack of response and censorship of their page has even made the local news in several locations. Play-Doh has yet to release a statement regarding the set or its Facebook moderation efforts.

Christian Broda Exposes Grim Realities For New Hires In This Economy December 9, 2014 No Comments

We like to keep it funny here, but there’s a grim reality facing a ton of college graduates.  That usually hits when it comes time to use that fancy degree, only to find that you just can’t land a great job.  But there are tons of opportunities, and some economists are pretty hopeful.

But that all depends on who you talk to, which is why we’ve been profiling one particular expert.  You can find him here, and Christian Broda definitely has some unique things to say about the future of America.

Christian Broda acquired his first degree, a bachelor’s degree in economics, in 1997 from the Argentinian Universidad de San Andres where he graduated summa cum laude. This degree was followed by a master’s and a PhD. from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Now New-York-based, Dr. Broda’s distinguished professional background includes appointments at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Columbia University, Barclays Capital and Lehman Brothers. He also served at the University of Chicago as professor of economics.

Currently, in his main professional role he functions as a managing director for Duquesne Capital Management. He helps edit the Journal of Development Economics as well as the IMF Economic Review and is also dedicated to the National Bureau of Economic Research. Dr. Broda received two important National Science Foundation grants in 2005 and 2008 to help support his valuable research. He also achieved James S. Kemperer Scholar of the year in 2006.

He frequently lends his expertise in the fields of finance, macroeconomics and international trade to distinguished publications like the Quarterly Journal of Economics American Economic Review and the Journal of International Economics.

One example of his comprehension of trades and finances is reported on ValueWalk.com: When other economists predicted a collapse of the U.S. Dollar in 2009, Dr. Broda correctly stated in a white paper publication that inflation would remain low because of market forces he predicted.

His publications not only include topics about the strength of the U.S. Dollar, but also financial globalization such as trade and terms regimes in developing countries, Chinese imports and their economic impact, deflation in Japan, and the price implications of product creation and destruction. Dr. Broda has also been involved with a variety of successful hedge fund start-ups.

In his personal life he enjoys being a husband and being a role model as father of two children.

Good and Bad News For Burger Lovers No Comments

The crown jewel of American fast food and the literal golden child of eaters everywhere is currently facing the unthinkable: a decline in sales. The prominence of such a restaurant seemed to render it untouchable, however, even such an iconic establishment faces financial struggles  McDonald’s decline can be blamed on everything from a lack of social media presence to over complication of menu selection. However, the important question is what will such a downfall mean for French fry lovers everywhere?

Possibly, customizable burgers. According to Buzzfeed, McDonald’s will be expanding its build your own burger program in several states across the country. By using touch-screen menus, customers like Bruce Levenson will be able to specialize their order like never before. No more double checking a drive-thru order to assure they indeed left off the mayo because this burger was built by you alone. While this may not dig the renowned food establishment out of its financial problems it is undoubtedly something for consumers to anticipate.

Jared Haftel Helps Other College Grads Prep For The Real World December 4, 2014 No Comments

I was tired of applying to job after job with no interview. After you have sent out many resumes, it gets kind of frustrating. I was scanning the internet and I found Jared Haftel. Immediately I was intrigued by his impressive resume and his ability to tell me what I was doing wrong. Come to find out, I was doing everything wrong. It was my resume and I was talking myself out of an interview before I even got a foot in the door.

I began doing some research on Jared and his business involvements. When I saw that he was involved with Bank of America, I wanted to know more. I have a degree in finance and I have good job experience, but not enough for today’s market. I thought that by putting my internship down on the resume, it may make me look bad. I was so wrong. Apparently, about half of what I was putting on my resume was wrong. According to Jared, I needed to have about 50% of my content to be about my experience. How big or small doesn’t matter, it should be the focus.

I was skeptical at first of his writings; I mean he’s only been out of college for a few years. But then I began to look around at his portfolio and see where all he has been. He has accomplished quite a bit in a short amount of time. I couldn’t’ say that for myself. Jared seems to devote his life’s work to helping others get jobs by enhancing their resume. He even encourages people to have a professional look over the resume. I mean honestly what can it hurt? A resume writer does this for a living. There are roughly 100 applicants for every major job in America. If there are that many resumes to go through, how does one make theirs stand out from the rest? Well the YouTube guides can definitely help.

Jared has an MBA from the Stanford School of Business. He also has his bachelor’s degree from Duke University. These two high profile schools gave him a wealth of knowledge. As an employee of Vector Capitol, he works with the public on investments and people like me on perfecting the job hunt. I started doing a great deal of studying on him and his impressive career. Seems he just had things fall right into his lap and is successful. But what I found from doing a great deal of research is that he has the “it” factor. He knows how to get what he wants and he makes no apologies to anyone.

The follow through on the resume is of the up most importance. Before sending off a resume to a prospective job, have an insider review it he says. That means someone who hires for that type of position can tell me what they look for and what signals them to pitch it. Since I needed an in, I started volunteering at a local branch in my area. Not only does this look good on my resume, but it allowed me to mingle with those I hoped to soon work with. I would have never thought or done any of these things without the helpful advice from the writings of Jared Haftel. Anyone who is struggling to find that perfect job should check out his writings.

10 Foolproof Excuses so You Can Stay in Tonight No Comments

December is a busy month, and you might find yourself wanting to slow down and stay in when the annual work party or your BFF calls and wants to go out. Experts like Dr. Daniel Amen say rest is essential.

Here are seven foolproof excuses that you can use to just stay home, relax, eat pizza and watch movies.

1. My parents are coming; I have to get to the bottom of these dishes.
2. I really want to try this new avocado mask.
3. This is embarrassing, but my cat, Mumu, does not approve of my outfit.
4. I promised my roommate that I’d practice Karate with him.
5. I have a spin class at 6am tomorrow, and I’m sure the guy who’s teaching it wants to ask me out. 
6. I am serious about this. I have some leftover truffle Mac & cheese and fried calamari in the fridge. If I don’t watch it, my roommates will eat it.
7. I am feeling a bit woozy; I’ll be spending the night googling “Ebola.”
8. My fridge is running – I have to go catch it.
9. Bath night!
10. I seriously need to de-lint my sweaters……winter’s here.

Certainly one of these will have you curled up on the sofa in your sweatpants in no time. Bring out the popcorn and stay right where you are. They’ll find you tomorrow.

Curators at The University of Texas Psychology Lab Lose Their Minds December 3, 2014 No Comments

If you thought losing your car keys was bad, be thankful you don’t work at the psychology lab at the University of Texas. They recently lost about 100 human brains, one of which may have belonged to the infamous clock tower sniper Charles Whitman, an ex-marine who killed 16 people at the university in 1966.

The university received the brains, preserved in jars of formaldehyde, 28 years ago from the state hospital for study. The lab only had room for about half of them, so the other half were being stored in a basement at the university. Some have speculated that news of the basement brains got out and they were stolen by pranksters looking for the ultimate in Halloween decorations. This has not been confirmed, however, and the incident is being investigated by the university.

Unfortunately, the identifying information labels were removed from the specimens to protect confidentiality. As a result, there is no way to know for sure if Charles Whitman’s brain is among the missing. Somebody call Dr. Daniel Amen!

The Benefits of Using the Mobile Dating Service Skout on a College Campus December 2, 2014 No Comments

So meeting people at college can be sort of scary.  Plenty of us have social anxiety, and that means being forced into a situation with all new people can be a little unnerving.  That’s why services like Skout are more popular than ever before.  Download this to your iPhone, and everybody else on campus that has the app can be contacted.  You can talk to people before, find some like-minded individuals, even somebody to date, and meet up at a safe public place for the first time.  Remember, it’s also available on Android phones too, so you’re not limited to just finding Apple users.

For anyone who is looking to meet someone new and who does not want to simply wait outside of the local bar in order to find other individuals in the same mindset, mobile dating applications is the way to go. These services are easy to use, free and do not take hours on end to fill out a profile. Skout is one such option that is out there, not to mention one of the very best. There are all sorts of benefits that are available to anyone who wants to try their luck in mobile dating. With all of the users on the application, it is actually far easier for anyone to find a potential mate, friend or partner through Skout than actually trying to meet in person by chance.

If you want more information, you can check out the company Facebook page.  Everybody has Facebook right?  Or you can check out the Twitter page for updates, and faster reviews from actual users that are checking out the app.  Easy way to see and get a feel for whether or not this is for you.  But how could it not be?

First of all, the application has been downloaded over 100 million times on mobile devices, and it is available on all major platforms, including iOS, Android and Windows. this way, it does not matter what sort of phone a person uses (or even tablet), they are able to use their device with Skout.

Sometimes it can be rather difficult to know who to talk to. Skout makes it extremely easy for this to happen. Instead of just searching through page after page of potential matches, a person just needs to use the “Shake to Chat” feature. This randomly connects the person with someone else in the area who they can then view. It really is a fun way to interact with another person. While not all connections are going to lead to a date, someone using the app never really knows what might come of it. However, the application does promote interactions, which can then lead to a possible first date. It provides virtual comments, gifts and even backstage photos, which can be unlocked through the right connections. All of these connections are easy to make and rather fun, and the service has been extremely popular with millennials.

Now, it is possible to upload any sort of avatar to the application to use as a profile. For someone looking to interact with other people, the best way to go about meeting others is to actually have an image placed on the profile. Not having an image is going to significantly reduce someone’s chances of interaction. After all, it is nice to know what someone looks like before actually going out to see or meet them.

There are some fun add ons that can make it worth spending a few dollars. Sometimes it is nice to see who is checking out someone else. Now, most dating applications do not let someone do this. However, with the add on feature of Skout, it is possible to see who is checking out a person’s profile. All of these features are available through earning points, which are earned by sending messages, downloading other applications that are associated with Skout and by inviting other friends to use the service. Thanks to this option, an individual is always able to see what is going on and who they can interact with.

For anyone who is looking to have some fun and meet new people, or just see who else is around them, they are able to download the Skout application to their mobile phone or tablet for free. Once downloaded, they can start having some fun.