Vines Capture Why We Love Dogs So Much October 21, 2014 No Comments

Have you ever just been browsing your vine app, and come across something that was so awesome it made you relive your love for your pets? Because that happened to me the other day when I saw Jared Haftel’s vine:

Dogs are just great. One of those moments where I had to go find my terrier and give her a big hug, because it reminded me…having a dog is the best.

$1,300 Tip For Pizza Delivered to College Kids?! October 16, 2014 No Comments

A very lucky pizza delivery man was surprised with an extra large tip for delivering two pizzas to a group of students at Indiana Wesleyan University. After being called to the stage of the college chapel in front of more than 3,000 students, he was presented with a $tip that amounted to $1,268.

This good fortune came about because students at the university were moved to give during a weekly prayer service. Dr. Keith Newman, CEO of Residential Education for the college, asked students and lead recruiter Brian Torchin to “Do for one what you wish you could do for everyone.” Newman then proceeded to order a few pizzas.

Students took up an offering for the Domino’s Pizza employee because they were inspired to make a difference in one person’s life. That person happened to be James Gilpin, the pizza delivery man. The students also wrote inspirational letters for Gilpin.

Gilpin was extremely grateful for his good fortune and said that he planned to spend the money on his young daughters during the Christmas season.

Key & Peele Perfectly Showcase the Problem With Texting October 11, 2014 No Comments

We all text now. It’s easier, and it’s faster in most cases, than placing a phone call. However, there’s a big problem with the written word versus the spoken word. That is tone, and inflection. It’s hard to discern the meaning of a text sometimes.

For instance, sarcasm is a lost art in the written world.

But here Key & Peele showcase brilliantly what’s wrong with texting, and what gets lost in translation:

Austrian Man to Sell Detroit House for iPhone 6! October 9, 2014 No Comments

An Austrian man is selling a torn-up two-story house in Detroit for either an iPhone 6, or a 32-gigabyte iPad.

According to a report from Buzzfeed, the home was bought by the man in 2010, for $41,000. However, the unidentified man has never been to the United States, so he is now trying to sell it through a broker named Marnie Bennett.

Else originally listed the home with three bedrooms for $5,000, and eventually lowered it to $3,000 with a mortgage of $11 a month. Unfortunately, no one took up the offer.

“Eventually [the owner] emailed me and said, ‘Larry, I’d be willing to sell this for an iPhone 6 or an iPad 32g(sic)…I laughed and said, ‘That sounds kind of interesting to catch people’s eye,’ and it actually really, really did,” Else told BuzzFeed News, as posted on their website.

As the offer made its rounds through the news, Else received numerous calls from potential buyers inquiring about the house. It even has three serious bidders: a person from Canada who wanted to buy the house for its wood, a man who lives blocks away from the house, and another man from Florida, who offered $800.

In talking to the potential buyers, Else is very vocal about the house needing major work, and that it is not yet ready for moving. The broker has been thinking that he’ll be selling the house to whoever gives the best offer. So far, he is considering the person who lives blocks away.

Regardless of the low cost, the Detroit house has $6,000 in back taxes.

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 6.01.24 PM

DEA Agent Legally Allowed to Impersonate Woman Online October 8, 2014 No Comments

Sometimes you worry about your credit card being stolen; other times you worry about the federal government stealing your identity and impersonating you online. It’s come to light that the DEA agent who seized a woman’s cell phone and created a Facebook page using her racy–and private–photos is legally entitled to the impersonation. Sondra Arquiett had been arrested under suspicion of being a member of a drug ring. She was sentenced to probation and released. But in the time between her arrest and the trial, the DEA agent, Timothy Sinnigen, created the fake Facebook profile, sending friend requests to one fugitive and other potential criminals.

The guise came to light when Arquiett’s friend asked her why she was posting such racy photos online. Arquiett had no Facebook profile and was astounded to see someone online impersonating her. The 28 year old single mother sued the DEA agent, saying he violated her privacy and potentially put her and her child in danger. A U.S. attorney agrees that while the photos were posted without Arquiett’s knowledge, they were being used for ” a legitimate law enforcement purpose”.

Disturbingly, the court claimed that Sinnigen was given permission to use her private photos and identity because she gave access to everything stored on her (seized) phone. While Arquiett did give her consent, she had no idea this was what her consent implied. Photos of her in her underwear were posted, as well as pictures of her son and a young family member, and Arquiett’s attorney argued that the DEA agents were placing innocent children at risk, as well as Arquiett herself. Taking this into account, the judge ended her probation after six months of weekend incarceration and six months of home detention.

Butch Vig Explains How a Space Heater Inspired Nirvana’s ‘Nevermind’ October 3, 2014 No Comments

As a big fan of the legendary group Nirvana, I always enjoy reading new segments in the news on them. Butch Vig, the producer of the album Nevermind, gave a keynote speech at the Yellow Phone Music Conference the other day. He was able to rattle off a story about the band and how one of the best rock albums of all time was created.

Vig says that for 6 months prior to recording Nevermind, the trio would practice for 10 hours a day almost every day. With a space heater to keep them warm during the harsh Washington winter, the band was able tighten up their chops for Butch to record. He reminisced how he would “torture” Kurt Cobain and the rest of the band by making them go over material relentlessly because he didn’t think the tone was quite right.

His determination obviously paid off, because that album is a classic. I like how he pointed out that even to this day the album doesn’t sound dated, and that’s because it’s just that good of a record all around. Here’s the full transcript of Butch Vig’s speech at the Yellow Phone Music Convention.

YES! Zombieland 2 to Stalk the Earth Soon October 2, 2014 No Comments

The Zombieland storyline is coming back from the dead. It was recently announced that writer Dave Callahan will be creating Zombieland 2 for Sony Pictures. After seeing a failed pilot on Amazon, fans of the story and the eclectic characters had little hope of seeing a sequel or series. Fortunately, it has returned from the ashes and looks to be a guarantee in the near future. This is yet another step in the right direction for Sony since Tom Rothman took over TriStar.

Now, the question on everyone’s mind is whether or not those characters will be played by the original cast of Harrelson, Stone, Breslin and Eisenberg or if the execs will start anew with a fresh cast and different plot. Most fans think it will be difficult and expensive to hire the same actors again considering their huge celebrity statuses. Perhaps the best approach financially will be to begin again and follow a completely different storyline and completely different characters.

Zombie love definitely hasn’t fallen-off since the 2009 Zombieland release. If anything, zombies are trending more than ever before. This bodes well for the success of a second Zombieland flick. As long as the big guys behind the scenes do what they did with the first installment, it’s sure to be a hit no matter who’s in it.


Hilarious Pictures That Capture College Life October 1, 2014 No Comments

We all remember the fun of being on your own for the first time. College is fantastic, because you’re young, and put into close quarters with tons of other young people, who are all away from home from the first time.

Of course this is a recipe for chaos and disaster. But also, some really awesome dorm parties.

Here are some great photos to help you remember just how crazy awesome college life can be.

Hilarious Video Shows What Would Happen If Women Catcalled Men No Comments

Catcalling has been under fire of late, as more women are speaking out about how uncomfortable the practice makes them feel.

Although, like most things that men do for attention, it’s probably because they just can’t see themselves facing the same type of public scrutiny. Which is why the advocacy group Stop Street Harassment made the following funny video:

Really exposes how ridiculous the concept is in real life. Plus…c’mon people, are you ever going to be telling the story of how you and your wife met over catcalls in the park?

TV Blackouts No More: NFL Fans Rejoice No Comments

Fans of poor performing NFL teams can breathe a little easier now thanks to the Federal Communications Commission’s recent ruling regarding the legality of NFL imposed blackouts in a home team’s market. As it currently stands, NFL policy dictates that games that do not sell out all stadium seats are not available for viewing to local fans. Whether the game is carried on a Fox or a CBS affiliate is irrelevant, and the game is outlawed to the fans who did not want to buy a seat.

In recent years, blackouts or threatened blackouts have hit several franchises especially hard. The Jacksonville Jaguars are one of the NFL’s perennial losers, and this dubious distinction has led to underwhelming turnout from fans. While this is understandable, the NFL shows no mercy to Jaguar fans in the Jacksonville area who want to tune in on Sunday to watch their bumbling team find creative ways to lose. If only the Jaguars would have signed Tim Tebow when they had the chance, maybe they could have avoided some of these blackouts.

The Detroit Lions have also been faced with several blackouts in recent years, but it may not be entirely due to the product that the team is putting on the field. Economic problems prevent many in Detroit from buying a $100 plus ticket.